Facts About the OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nordic is one of the latest Android smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Oppo. The company released two variants of its smartphone – the budget smartphone with limited memory and a mid-budget smartphone with a decent amount of memory. The smartphone has a dual-core 1 GHz processor, Adreno compliant LCD display, an 8 mega-apixel camera, an expandable memory, a microSD slot for additional storage, a touch screen, a 5 mega-apixel shooter, a barometer, a heart rate monitor, and a Windows operating system. Oppo further added that the smartphone runs on the MySQL database and uses the OMAVEDB management system.

The Oppo OnePlus Nord is one of the first smartphones apple iphone 13 to run on the new Windows operating system. It comes with a Windows Store and has a Windows user interface. Many of the applications are not completely ready for the Windows Store and the smartphone does not support the majority of the applications out there. The lack of Windows software on the smartphone itself may be one of the reasons why Windows Phone sales are not as brisk as iPhones are.

The Android Market is currently floundering in China. The lack of quality software and many apps that do not work properly on the OS have dampened the enthusiasm for the Android mobile operating system. The lack of attention the Android Market has received in China is because the operating system is not supported by the Chinese government. The only option open for the android lovers in China would be to use the iPhone or BlackBerry.

The Oneplus Nord is not your ordinary smartphone. It is one of the first smartphones in the world to run on the Windows OS. It is not entirely a smartphone, but it is a hybrid phone. This means that it runs Android applications and Windows OS apps on the same hardware and hence can be used as an hybrid device.

The Oneplus Nordic is available from the leading mobile phone stores in India like Spice, Vodafone, Orange, Three, Oxygen, T-Mobile and many others. The prices for the models vary from very cheap to expensive. The models are available in all major regions of India including Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and the national capital Delhi. Many websites offer the opportunity to view deal on the Oneplus Nordic. The websites that provide this facility also charge a nominal fee.

The phone comes with a free gift like the HTC Evo Shift. It is loaded with advanced technology like a 5 megapixel camera, an advanced Windows OS and various other innovative features. The user friendly interface and various connectivity options make the device one of the best choices in the affordable price range. The OnePlus Nord is truly a unique device that has all the qualities that are required by a modern day user. It is definitely a must buy if you do not want to miss out on any single feature of the innovative smartphone.